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    Default creating a jar file

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to java, tried to write my first program and it works.

    I typed in notepad:

    //A Very Simple Example
    class ExampleProgram {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("I'm a Simple Program");

    saved it as

    and then compiled it using


    Now I can run it:

    java ExampleProgram

    and it displays text "I'm a Simple Program".

    Now the question is - how do I run my program without typing "java [program name]" ? I mean, I'd like rather to run it using some kind of ExampleProgram.exe but without typing "java" before program name.

    So I've changed directiory to


    created manifest file

    echo Main-Class: ExampleProgram >manifest.txt

    created my jar file

    jar cvfm ExampleProgram.jar manifest.txt ExampleProgram.class

    tried to test result by running my program


    (It doesn't return any result in command line).

    But when I run "java ExampleProgram" it does display "I'm a Simple Program"

    What I'm doing wrong now?

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    Default Re: creating a jar file

    When you run the jar through the command line, do you get any error messages?
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    Default Re: creating a jar file

    You can't run it by just using the jar file name (as I'm sure someone at OTN will tell you, if they haven't already, on your thread there).
    The command to run it on the command line is:
    java -jar ExampleProgram.jar

    You can, however, double click the jar file...
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