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    Default Need help with ArrayList<String>

    Hey guys, I am working on an assignment in which I make a weekly calendar...

    I am having trouble with grabbing a value from an ArrayList<String>, splitting it at a certain character and then putting it into another ArrayList<String>

    the calendar will contain values like: Monday@5PM, Tuesday@3AM, etc...

    If the user wants to view all appointments on Monday and have them print as 5PM 6PM 7PM etc, how do I split Monday@5PM so it only contains 5PM?


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    Default Re: Need help with ArrayList<String>

    Why do you keep those days and times joined in a single String anyway; I bet a bit of preprocessing of the data could split the times from the days so you can store them in a suitable data structure.

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    Default Re: Need help with ArrayList<String>

    Use the various String methods substring, charAt, split etc.
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