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    Default can anyone help me with this !

    Kinda stomp my profesor isn't all that great. Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: can anyone help me with this !

    Welcome to the forums.

    if you want someone to do your homework for you, hire a contractor. This is a help forum, where the community tries to solve the problem(s) you may have. In order to do this it requires a more specific question than just "help me".

    I recommend you at least attempting implementation of this UML diagram, try until you get stuck, then edit this post or make a new post detailing where you are stuck, posting your code inside [code] tags and also post any errors (in full) that you may get.

    To start with though make the 2 classes: AudioPlayer and ShortClipPlayer.

    Then make ShortClipPlayer extend or inherit from AudioPlayer, then worry about the other implementations. if you get stuck feel free to ask again.

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    Default Re: can anyone help me with this !

    To be blunt: posting a picture of your homework makes it look as though you are phishing for answers to help you cheat, and just makes you look lazy.

    If you have a question that is actually constructive, I encourage you to ask it. I am locking this thread.

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