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    Default String comparison


    I m developing an application in which i want to compare a String with string[].

    Means i m having array of names which i m displaying in a table..Then i m changing some names in table dynamically by some processing and adding new names to the table...
    While replacing i want to check weather the new name is present in the array of previously added names... and if not present add it to table...

    Now if i used for loop and compare new name with names[]'ll compare only one name at a time..but i want to compare new name with total array...

    how can i do this..
    plz help..


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    Unless I am mistaken, you wont be able to do this with an array unless you use the for loop method. Try using a List<String>. That will allow you to do a little more. Also look into HashMap. One of these should lead you to a solution.

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