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    Which do you think? I have been swapping between these two styles for some time now and just can't seem to decide.

    PHP Code:
     * Comment before line: seems to be easier to mentally process the information.
        // list already contains item so...
        if (list.contains(item))
     * Comment after line: the code looks much more organized when the comment is in this location. Opinion I know but 
     * perhaps others agree.
        if (list.contains(item))
            // list already contains item so...

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    Hi Googol,

    This is more down to personal preference. As long as the intention of both the comment and code is understood then it really doesn't matter.
    Java Code:
    if (list.contains(item)) // list already contains item so...
    The above is also acceptable.
    One thing I cannot stand is the overuse of comments. Things like:
    Java Code:
    if (list.contains(item)) //checks if list contains item.
            System.out.println("Present"); //prints out "Present".
    else // if list doesn't contain item
            System.out.println("Not present"); // prints out "Not present".

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    What I hate even more is incorrect comment:

    Java Code:
    int i= 1; // initialize i to zero
    int j= i-1; //  j starts equal to i
    kind regards,

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