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    Default Java Homework Help Please!

    Hello there! I need some quick help please. I need to write two different java programs and I'm having a difficult time figuring them out. I tried referring to my school textbook but I still don't quite understand. Help is greatly appreciated!

    Java Program 1:
    Write an application that prompts the user to make a choice for a pizza size -S, M, L, or X -and then displays the price as $6.99, $8.99, $12.50, or $15.00, accordingly. Display an error message if the user enters an invalid pizza size. Save the file as

    Java Program 2:
    Create an application containing an array that stores 20 prices, such as $2.34, $7.89, $1.34, and so on. The application should (1) display the sum of all prices, (2) display all values less than $5.00, (3) calculate the average of the prices, and (4) display all values that are higher than the calculated average value. Save the file as

    If anyone can help, I will greatly appreciate it!!

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    Default Re: Java Homework Help Please!

    In this forums we are not write code for you. But we do help if you have any problem with the code that you are trying to create. So please try to start your code. Ask a specific question where you get stuck.

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