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    Default How to Convince People that You're Not a Scary Hacker

    So, I've gotten to the point in designing my silly little My Little Pony text adventure that it will actually run in its beta form as an applet in a web browser. Interested parties can find it here:
    Unfortunately, It seems that when I bring it up, a glaring error message appears that claims the plugin has security vulnerabilities. I'm told that this occurs because my JAR file is not signed, and various confusing bits of advice are strewn around the internet on how to get a program signed. Whether I can even do that with a freeware fan-made web game is something I'll have to find out, but this begs another question that I've noticed cropping up ever since I started my little adventure in freeware/solo/cowboy programming. It seems to be very, very difficult in general to produce programs that people won't instantly consider a threat, just because you're a newbie developer without much experience in making your code presentable.

    So I call out to the various experienced programmers of these forums to ask them, how do you make your code appear as safe as it actually is to the general public? What breeds credibility in your programs? I would be grateful to hear any and all advice.

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    Default Re: How to Convince People that You're Not a Scary Hacker

    Have you looked into SourceForge at all? I have never done any of this, but I know that almost every credible free program has at least a page with a link and description on there. Good luck. I love free software!

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