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    Default How long it takes Python Programmer get into Java?

    I am a Electronics Student..
    My skills: C, Python, Django -- intermediate

    My internship is expecting me to work on Java in some areas..
    I know Java syntax to some extent.. understand what's written in it but right now I don't know what API to use and how etc..

    Now, my question is, can I take this internship? Is it too risky as I am not yet familiar with Java yet? Can I say yes to the internship and learn now?

    Right now I am following the Java tutorial on Oracle Docs.. almost completed "Learning the java language"..

    what do you suggest

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    Default Re: How long it takes Python Programmer get into Java?

    I suggest you are honest and tell them that you are still learning Java and show them what your intended learning path is. You will have no fun at the internship if you have to hide your lack of Java knowledge all the time. Be open and upfront about it, a good employer will support you.
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    Default Re: How long it takes Python Programmer get into Java?

    It's an internship.
    I wouldn't expect you to know more than the real basics of Java.
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    Default Re: How long it takes Python Programmer get into Java?

    Python uses 'duck types' (if it walks like a duck and it it quacks like a duck, it is a duck); Java doesn't have this and it's a major difference between the two languages. Java has a rigid typing system you have to get used to, but it isn't rocket science, you just have to be aware of it.

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