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    Default Loading background in Splash Screen

    Hello, i have application that need load some resource in background. And i use splash screen.
    Where i must put the loading resourse in this init method?

    Java Code:
         * just a stub to simulate a long initialization task that updates
         * the text and progress parts of the status in the Splash
        private static void appInit()
            for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
            {   // pretend we have 10 things to do
                int pctDone = i * 10;       // this is about the only time I could calculate rather than guess progress
                splashText("Doing task #" + i);     // tell the user what initialization task is being done
                splashProgress(pctDone);            // give them an idea how much we have completed
                    Thread.sleep(1000);             // wait a second
                    Application.getInstance();    // i try to put in this, but it silent for some second, 
                catch (InterruptedException ex)
    I want loading is simultaneously with progress bar, please help me thank you.. :)

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    Default Re: Loading background in Splash Screen

    Perhaps a progress bar: JProgressBar (Java Platform SE 6)

    I'm assuming you mean such a thing and not a splash screen as in one of those images that applications sometimes display at startup when they're incapable os starting expeditiously.

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