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    Default why we use public access modifier?

    I have a slight problem with my code below. I created a file and named it and wrote all code into the file.

    My code below wont be compiled. unless I add an access modifier public. and I do not understand why i need to do that.

    PHP Code:
    package classs.and.objects;
    public interface ClosedCurve {
    	double computeArea();
    class Triangle implements ClosedCurve {
    	double computeArea() // I need to change to public double computeArea()
    		return 0.0;

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    Hi ..

    Because in interface methods are public abstract default.
    and in your class if u are not providing public access modifiers then default access modifier is used and it is not possible to decree the access modifiers from public to default in java.

    if still not clear the i will let u know more.


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