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    Default Help with making a reverse resistor code for Java!

    We got this assignment at school,and we're really confused. Can someone please help us with writing the code! thanks :)

    Build a reverse resistor colour code calculator. You put in the numbers. The program gives you the colours. The program will use at least 2 methods.
    STEP TWO: Your teacher will place you in a group of 3. Two people in the group need to each contribute a method. The 3rd person will write the main method. In a group you will decide how to pass parameters.
    You can learn about parsing single digits out of numbers greater than 9 in the Resources section.
    Member #1: Make notes and a conceptual flowchart. The planning documents for this project are important. Build a shell with a comment header.
    Members 2 & 3: Work independently to create the method(s) you are responsible for as well as a temporary main method you can use to test your method(s). Add a comment header to each method with your name, the date and a brief description of the method including the use of parameters.
    STEP FOUR: Put it all together and test your solution.Adjust as necessary and as time permits.

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    Default Re: Help with making a reverse resistor code for Java!

    That's really not how this works. Which part of this is confusing you? What have you tried? Where are you stuck?
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