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    Default How to store webpage content into sqlserver??URGENT

    HI All,

    I would like to thank all guys who are helping here.

    I need some help I will be very happy if guys can help me I am sure you will helping as the question which I am about to ask is nothing to the seniors here. My query goes here...

    I have a page called www dot abc dot com and there is some content in that page now I want to store this content in an sqlserver.

    I heard that it can be achieved using DOM can you guys help in this. If not in DOM please suggest me the possible ways.

    Bunch of thanks in advance.Please help me ASAP as it is very urgent to my project.

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    Default Re: How to store webpage content into sqlserver??URGENT

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    Default Re: How to store webpage content into sqlserver??URGENT

    Unless this is a program designed to download "How to perform neurosurgery"-manuals for the surgeon that operates on the brain of your cat and who can't remember what part of the brain to remove next, I don't see how this is urgent. Skipping to the next question.

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    Default Re: How to store webpage content into sqlserver??URGENT

    Moved from a staff-only section.

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