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    Default Inheritance question


    I have a question about inheritance. I read that every class inherits from Object. Say I have a Base class that overrides equals and I have a Derived class that extends Base. So if I called super.equals() from code in the Derived class that calls the equals method of Base correct? Since every class inherits from Object, is the equals method from Object still available to code in the Derived class? How would one call the equals method from Object in Derived.

    Also if I override method in Derived, there is not way to call the Base method outside of the Derived class with an instance of Derived correct? In other words a method call is always polymorphic?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Inheritance question

    What happened when you put together a small example program that tested your assumptions?
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    Default Re: Inheritance question

    If the Derived class does need the equals method in Object and not the equals method in Base class then I would say that you hierarchy is wrong. If you are 100% positive that the hierarchy is correct then the Base class should not override the equals method.

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