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Thread: Adding values that contain a dollar sign.

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    Default Adding values that contain a dollar sign.

    First, keeping the dollar sign is kind of crucial, so getting rid of it is not an option.

    I have 7 JTextFields that hold a monetary value. i.e. $14.99, $139.99, etc. How can I make an 8th JTextField add all of these up, while keeping the dollar sign there? What specifically should I look into so I can achieve this?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Adding values that contain a dollar sign.

    Well, I am unaware of any method which will ignore currency symbols when doing math. You can always treat the amount as a String and test the first character to see if it is a digit or decimal point. If it is, then just convert to a double (or BigDecimal). If it is a dollar sign then just take the substring starting at index 1 and proceed as before.

    Note: when working with money rounding errors can be a problem. A recommended approach is to mutiply your values by 100 and work in cents. Store these in an int or long as appropriate. Then later, assign to a double and divide by 100 to get the cents back. Then convert to a string and prepend a $.

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    Default Re: Adding values that contain a dollar sign.

    You need a class that can parse a number String when it is displayed as an amount of money, and you also need a class that can format a number into a String so that it displays as a monetary amount. Fortunately there is a single class that does both, NumberFormat. I recommend that you get a currency instance of this class via the static method NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(), and use the object returned to parse the Strings held by your 7 JTextFields into doubles using its parse method, and then after you've added the doubles convert the number back into a currency String using its format method.


    Java Code:
    import java.text.NumberFormat;
    import java.text.ParseException;
    public class CurrencyInstanceEg {
       public static void main(String[] args) {
          String moneyString1 = "$1,250,000.50";
          String moneyString2 = "$250.50";
          NumberFormat currencyInstance = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
          try {
             double moneyValue1 = currencyInstance.parse(moneyString1)
             double moneyValue2 = currencyInstance.parse(moneyString2)
             double moneyValueSum = moneyValue1 + moneyValue2;
             System.out.printf("%s + %s = %s%n", moneyString1, moneyString2,
          } catch (ParseException e) {
    which returns:

    $1,250,000.50 + $250.50 = $1,250,251.00
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    Default Re: Adding values that contain a dollar sign.

    Why is the '$' sign important?
    Is the user entering the $?

    This strikes me as a classic case of mistaking display values for data values.
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