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    Default Unable to find JAR Files .


    I'm trying to add some external libraries in Eclipse in order to start working with Spring.

    I'm following the following steps:

    I already have a JavaProject created with name "SpringBeanWiring"
    1) Right Click on the "SpringBeanWiring"
    2) Clicked on Build Path
    3) Then, Configure Build Path

    4) A window opens up with caption " Properties for SpringBeanWiring"

    5) I clicked on Libraries tab

    6) Then, clicked on Add External JARs.. option

    After Step 6, It's taking me to the Documents section of my Windows Explorer. viz:Libraries\Documents.

    Could anyone tell me from where I can add the Jar files like ant 1.6.5, ant-antlr-1.6.5, commonslogging, doms4j etc ?

    I'm using Eclipse for JavaEE developers and not the basic version and I'm new to Spring.


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    Default Re: Unable to find JAR Files .

    Please go through the Forum Rules, particularly the second paragraph.

    I'm closing this thread as a duplicate of


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