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    Default calling the method

    so i got this program where if i put a sentece it should translate it to piglatin
    the rule is
    if the first letter of a word is vowel it add "way"
    and if its not it will find the first vowel of the word the the letters before it will be put in the end and add "ay", but then
    i got this problem in my main method
    im trying to call a method and translate the inputted sentence but then it does not do anything

    Java Code:
    import java.util.StringTokenizer;
    public class PIGLATIN
        public static void main(String[] args) {
           System.out.println("Enter Sentece: ");
            PIGLATIN tokenizer = new PIGLATIN(); // create a new instance of Tokenizer
            tokenizer.translate(null);// call the public translate method
           public String translate (String sentence)
              String result = "";
              sentence = sentence.toLowerCase();
              StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer (sentence);
              while (tokenizer.hasMoreTokens())
                 result += translateWord (tokenizer.nextToken());
                 result += " ";
              return result;
           private String translateWord (String word)
              String result = "";
              if (beginsWithVowel(word))
                 result = word + "way";
                 if (beginsWithBlend(word))
                    result = word.substring(2) + word.substring(0,2) + "ay";
                    result = word.substring(1) + word.charAt(0) + "ay";
              return result;
           private boolean beginsWithVowel (String word)
              String vowels = "aeiou";
              char letter = word.charAt(0);
              return (vowels.indexOf(letter) != -1);
           private boolean beginsWithBlend (String word)
              return ( word.startsWith ("qu")  );

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    Default Re: calling the method

    For starters, you have prompted for a sentence but never entered one. And you are passing null to your translate method.

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