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    Default Array or ArrayList?

    First of all, this program is going to do the following:

    • Allow input of two salesperson's names AND input of their yearly sales
    • Calculate how much each salesperson earns each year by adding their yearly salary and commission from sales
    • Compare the two salesperson's yearly compensation (salary AND commission) and display the name of the salesperson that earned the higher amount
    • Calculate the difference between the 2 earnings and display that value as well

    Questions (I know how to perform the calculations and how to display the results, but I am confused about a couple things):

    1) This would use an array and not arraylist, correct? (I think because we know only 2 salespersons are entering information, it would be an array)

    2) I'm not quite sure how to combine user input with arrays, could somebody show a simple example?

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    Default Re: Array or ArrayList?

    I would recommend writing a SalesPerson class which has their pertinent information (including their sales). Then allocate an ArrayList of type SalesPerson. In general, I would avoid arrays in Java.

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