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    Default How to: Create a range of desired variables (two decimals) into an array

    Hi everyone,

    I'm curious how I can create a range of desired variables ranging from (-1.00 all the way to 1.00) @ 0.01 increments.

    I will want to output this in table format as the first column. There will be 4 columns btw

    1st column = the variable [two decimals btw -1.00 and 1.00]
    2nd column = math.sin(x) of each
    3rd column = my personal sin function
    4th column = math.abs(difference between them)

    Java Code:
    public class TaylorSin {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    	for (double lB = -100, lB <= 100,lB++) lB.log(x/100);
    	double[] x = lB;     
    	double ActualFormula = math.sin(x);
    	double MyFormula = sin(x);
    	double Absolute = math.abs(ActualFormula - MyFormula);
    	System.out.format("%3d%10d%10d%4d", double x, ActualFormula, MyFormula, Absolute);
    I'm calling my other personally created sin(x) method and attemping to output in table format.

    Let me know, because I'm very confused.
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    Default Re: How to: Create a range of desired variables (two decimals) into an array

    Your for loop only has a single statement in it. And it doesn't do anything unless you are changing something in IB.log(). But even then, x is undefined.

    To increment your value by .01 in your for loop just use IB = IB + .01 (or shorthand IB += .01)

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