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    Default Truncate and If statement with "is not a whole number"

    Our prof. gave us this pseudocode...he wants us to research and transform it into an actual program...

    i'm having a big problem on this part of the pseudocode

    if(Interval is not a whole number) then
    truncate interval

    how can i use a if statement in determining if it is a decimal or a whole number??

    and how do i use truncate??
    truncating it into ones twos or threes...

    this code has an array of 14 names i didn't include them

    If(N=1) then
    Set Interval to N
    while(Interval is not 1)
    Set Interval to ((Interval/3)+1)
    If(Interval is not a whole number) then
    Truncate Interval

    Set start to 1
    while(start <= Interval)
    Increment start

    set Unsrt_Indx to (start + interval)

    while(unsrt_Indx <= N)
    if (Arr[Unsrt_Indx - Interval] > arr[unsrt_Indx] then
    set str_indx to unsrt_indx
    set temp to arr[srt_indx]

    while((str_indx >start && (arr[str_indx-Interval] > temp))
    set arr[set_indx] to arr[str_index- interval]
    set str_indx to (crt_index - interval)

    set arr[str_indx] to temp

    set unsrt_indx to (unsrt_indx + interval)

    please help!! :)

    i possible help me transform this into a program :)

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    Default Re: Truncate and If statement with "is not a whole number"

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: Truncate and If statement with "is not a whole number"

    Experiment with some of the Math class's methods using println to print out the results to see if any of them will do what you want.
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