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    Default cannot find symbol in StringBufferInputStream

    Java Code:
    public class example6
             static String ss1 = new String("Today upon a bus,\n" +
                                            "I saw a lovely girl" +
                                            "with golden girl. \n");
             static String ss2 = new String("to me it seem \n"+
                                            "so gay,\n .And I wished" +
                                            "I was so fair.\n");
           static StringBufferInputStream sbs1 =
                                          new StringBufferIputStream(ss1);
            static StringBufferInputStream sbs2 =
                             new StringBufferIputStream(ss2);
             static SequenceInputStream sis =
                           new SequenceInputStream(sbs1,sbs2);
    While compiling the above code getting error msg as given in jpg

    cannot find symbol in StringBufferInputStream-error_compile.jpgClick image for larger version. 

Name:	error_compile.jpg 
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    Default Re: cannot find symbol in StringBufferInputStream

    I know about StringBuffers and InputStreams, but a StringBufferInputStream is unknown to me ...

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    Default Re: cannot find symbol in StringBufferInputStream

    To get rid of the compiler error, check your spelling. But, don't use deprecated classes. The API for StringBufferInputStream will tell you what you should use instead.

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