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    Default Adding things to a queue

    As English is not my first language, i sometimes have trouble understanding a teacher's instructions as to what she wants. I will be providing the instruction of what she wants, the code i made, and my problem.

    Instruction: • Has a private method to “shuffle” that creates a Queue with the 52 cards randomly shuffled. Use the Random Class.

    My Code:
    Java Code:
    private static Queue<String> Deck = new LinkedList<String>();
    private void shuffling()
            Random generator = new Random();  
            int[] cards = new int[52];  
            for (int i=0; i<cards.length; i++) 
                cards[i] = i;
            for (int i=0; i<cards.length; i++) 
                int randomPosition = generator.nextInt(cards.length);
                int temp = cards[i];
                cards[i] = cards[randomPosition];
                cards[randomPosition] = temp;
    Problem: Am i following my teacher's instruction correctly for what she wants? And if i am, my problem is, i have created a queue, but how do i make it with the 52 cards randomly shuffled? i just cant figure out the code that would make the queue with the 52 cards shuffled. i have the shuffling part down i think. Any help would be appreciated.

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    A novice programmer

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    Default Re: Adding things to a queue

    Well, you are shuffling the cards but some cards may still be in their original position (which is also true of an actual shuffle). You could always put them in a queue after the fact (if that is what she expects). Have you discussed the Queue class in her class? Does she expect you to use part of the Collections API? You really should take your code and discuss it with her. That is what she is there for.

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