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    Default How to Create a String for each Syllable?


    I am new to java, and I want to write a program that you write in your full name, and it jumbles it up.

    The way it jumbles it up is by taking the first syllable of your first name, and the last syllable of your last name and it then swaps it around.
    e.g. Joseph Turner = Snereph Turjo (I know, it's pretty weird, but that's the point!)

    So, I know there is a way to detect syllables in a word, but I want to be able to create a string for each syllable. So, the first syllable's string would be something like Syl1, the second
    syllable would be Syl2 and so on. And then I would do

    System.out.println(Syl4 + Syl2 + " " + Syl3 + Syl1);

    And that would work, right?

    But how can I create the string for each syllable? Please help!


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    Default Re: How to Create a String for each Syllable?

    Quote Originally Posted by SparklyLlama View Post
    I know there is a way to detect syllables in a word
    There is? You'll want to start by defining that process, in small steps a computer can understand.

    Also note that according to Java coding conventions, variable names should start with a lowercase letter: Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language: Contents

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