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Thread: session object

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    Default session object

    HI All

    I have created an object as follows:

    package cart;

    public class CartItem implements

    private static int StockID;
    private static String ProdName;
    private static int price;
    private Vector Items;

    public CartItem(int StockID, String Name, int pPrice)
    StockID = StockID;
    ProdName = Name;
    price = pPrice;

    public ShoppingCart()
    Items = new Vector(StockID, Name, Price);

    public String getName()
    return ProdName;

    public int getStockID()
    return StockID;

    public int getPrice()
    return price;


    Does anyone know if that the vector object is
    a) correct
    b) can it now be passed to the session using
    cart.setAttribute(product, Items);

    Thanks to all

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    Default I doubt it would compile.

    Maybe, if you are lucky, but I seriously doubt this will even compile. What you should do, and I have consdered this problem until I am Struck Zombie on it, is put the items in the Vector in a loop. The items all have to be the same type. We cannot have an Apple, a String and a TicketToRide all be in the same vector.

    Somewhere else you could keep a vector of shopping cart items:
    Java Code:
    Vector victor = new Vector();
    for( item count)
        victor.add( new CartItem(Price, Customer, ShipDate);
    This code is so badly abbreviated that they will laugh at me but what we are trying to do is answer your question, not worry about my comfort.

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