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    Default BlueJ : reviewmaker

    EDIT: This is maybe better. I need to make an review and the review got 2 important parameters, judgement and the name. I need to make it when I give the name, they will give me all the reviews that belong to that name. Also, i need to know what name got the most reviews.

    Hey everyone, I'm searching for a way to make a review maker. It's for school and this is the formulation of the question (beware, it's roughly translated):

    It's a about a website about giving reviews for a restaurant.

    Users of a site pass on reviews. They give the next information:
    - Name of the restaurant
    - Place
    - Price class (5-20 euro, 20-50 euro or above 50 euro)
    - a judgement from 1-10

    It is for sure a certain restaurant can have different reviews. You can choose if you want to save all the reviews in a ArrayList<Integer> , or you just can save them all the way you want. As long as you can request all the reviews from a restaurant.

    The point is, you need to keep the basic data and make a list of all restaurants and there reviews.

    You need to fix all these questions:

    -Given the name of a restaurant and a city array list with reviews
    for that restaurant. If there are no reviews for that restaurant, you may give an empty array list back.

    - the amount of reviews on the site

    - The restaurant with the most reviews

    Now i can make a review, but i can't fix the questions. Any help would be appriciated. It's written in BlueJ and i will give what i already have.

    public class Reviews
    private String naam;
    private String stad;
    private double uitgegeven;
    private double beoordeling;
    private String prijsklasse;

    * @param naam Naam van het restaurant
    * @param stad Plaats van het restaurant
    * @param uitgegeven Het aantal geld uitgegeven aan je bezoek
    * @param beoordeling Een score tussen 1-10 dat de kwaliteit van het restaurant aangeeft
    * @param prijsklasse Prijsklasse waar het restaurant inzit
    public Reviews (String naam, String stad, double uitgegeven, double beoordeling ) {
    this.naam = naam;
    this.stad = stad;
    this.uitgegeven = uitgegeven;
    if (uitgegeven < 20) {
    prijsklasse = "5 tot 20";
    else if (uitgegeven > 50) {
    prijsklasse = "meer als 50";
    else {
    prijsklasse = "20 tot 50";
    this.beoordeling = beoordeling;


    public String getNaam(){
    return naam;
    public String getStad(){
    return stad;
    public String getPrijsklasse(){
    return prijsklasse;
    public double getBeoordeling(){
    return beoordeling;
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