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    Default Help with arrays and methods and constructors

    I have been set an assignment to design a simple blackjack game for 2 players and to assign values for each card dealt to them, based on a points system which each card is worth. Due to being unwell and missing a lot of the lectures I am finding this really difficult! Anybody have any advice on my code?

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    package javaapplication23;

    import java.util.Random;

    public class JavaApplication23 {
    class pickRand{
    public static String get(String[] array) {
    int rnd = generator.nextInt(array.length);
    return array[rnd];
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    String [] card = new String [52];
    String[] cards = { "Ace","Ace","Ace","Ace", "2","2","2","2", "3","3","3","3", "4","4","4","4", "5","5","5","5", "6","6","6","6", "7","7","7","7", "8","8","8","8", "9","9","9","9", "10","10","10","10", "Jack","Jack","Jack","Jack", "Queen","Queen","Queen","Queen", "King","King","King","King" };
    String ret = pickRand.get(cards);

    static class Player{
    int PN;
    int hV;
    boolean BJ;
    int PS;
    Player(int PlayerName, int handValue, boolean BlackJack, int PlayerScore)
    System.out.println("Welcome to Black Jack! Player 1 enter 1 to begin the game.");


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    Default Re: Help with arrays and methods and constructors

    First, you should include your code in [code][/code] tags to make it easier for folks to read.

    Second, have you discussed this with your instructor. S/he should be able and willing to help you since you have been ill.

    As far as your code goes, just start slow. First, simply write some code to

    1. Generate a random number.
    2. Index into array to get the card
    3. Display the card.

    Stay away from the inner class as you don't need it (at least not for now).

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