Hello everybody.

I develop web application use POJO, domain model pattern, which has to let users manually buld tables with rows and columns and add any data into it, extract, save, and change data from DB(MySQL). The promblem is that I got confiused how to do this. My guesses are:

- Use JSP or JSF(which I don't know alot) to code the system which let user manually build tables somehow(don't have any idea) name headlines.

- Or use SWING, JavaFX to build the objects for do this and bind it with JSF or JSP for let user to do that as well manually.

If you have any Idea how to organise it?? Oh. And how can I save the prisent condition of table after the user done to add averything and fill the table I need to save it and fo a while to extract it in the same condition the same view. Maybe serialization??? Any idea's.

Thank you guy's and good luck.