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Thread: swap values

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    Default swap values


    i want to create a function which get two Integers and swap between their values

    however, as i know in java the variables passed to function by value (meaning that the variable doesnt pass itself, only the copy of the variable is pass)

    so what is the method to do it?

    can i pass variables as reference and not by - value?


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    Default Re: swap values

    Just try it! You are passing a reference by value.

    And there are no functions in Java.
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    Default Re: swap values

    May be i am wrong but i think you can do it by having two methods (returning one value after swapping) which will be easier for you at this level....but try to think those methods by yourself..

    Plus: Correct me if i am wrong.....

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    Default Re: swap values

    You just can't swap the value of two variables by using the call by value mechanism; there are a couple of tricks that seem to do the trick but it hides that fact that it can't be done; there is no need to worry, because it can't be done either by using the call by name mechanism (Algol/60 comes to mind), you need the call by reference mechanism or equivalent to do it.

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