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    Default Open and enquire com port

    I'm asked to write a new program at work. I've not programmed in some time (1980s). I taught myself BASIC and Turbo Pascal and had no problem with simple applications that opened an RS232 com port and enquired data from devices upon that port and upon a Windows platform.

    I'm in the beginning of learning Java and all of a sudden I'm asked to do it agian. I'm in no hurry to learn all of Java. I'm doing that in steps.

    I'd like to discover an example of a Java application that will open a port and let me enquire the data from that port.

    I want to do this just to see it work.

    Can anyone help?


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    Default Re: Open and enquire com port

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    Default Re: Open and enquire com port

    And if you mean serial ports (as in USB ports or RS/232 ports) google for 'RXTX'.
    Also look here for proper downloads:

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