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    Default Making value list using regular expressions

    Hello, im trying to use regular expressions to create something such as the following:

    currently, this regular expression below takes care of this: insert col into table1;

    however, i need a regEx that can take care of the above, but also a list...for example:

    insert col,row into table1;

    Im not quite sure how to make a list, separated by commas.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Making value list using regular expressions

    Insufficiently defined requirements. What about (1) spaces within the comma separated list (2) other characters like underscore? (3) two consecutive commas? Allowed or not?

    If the single example is totally representative of the requirement, it should be trivial -- provided you understand your regex and didn't just copy it blindly from somewhere.

    What's this for anyways? SQL injection?

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