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    Default Which Is Easiest To Learn Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, or JSP

    I realize I need to learn basic entry level Java first before I try to learn ONE of the following five...that said, however, after I learn basic Java, which of the following five is easiest to learn in your opinion?

    1) Struts
    2) Hibernate
    3) Spring
    4) EJB
    5) JSP

    Below is my programming skill level rated on a scale from 1 to 10... with 10 being extreme expert and 1 being extreme beginner.

    COBOL = 2
    BASIC = 3
    VBA (Excel) = 4
    Java = 0

    My hope is that I can get good enough in 12 months (or less) of self training to get a job as an entry level Java programmer in one of those five.
    I have an MBA with MIS focus. I'm definitely capable of self training if I can find the right books and resources.

    kind thanks,

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    Default Re: Which Is Easiest To Learn Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, or JSP

    Your next step (based on the above) should be either servlets or JDBC.
    Servlets and JSPs go hand in hand, but learning servlets will get you into the habit of writing your logic in a servlet and leaving JSPs to handle displaying results.

    JDBC is what sits under Hibernate, and learning how that works will help you when it comes to working with Hibernate.

    Struts is a web framework, so you need to know servlets and JSPs beforehand. Well, at least JSPs, but knowing servlets will again help you understand what it is Struts does. You can probably learn Struts and Spring together, since Struts 2+ uses Spring under the hood.
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