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Thread: Population growth!

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    Default Population growth!

    So hello everyone, I got problems with making problem for this task:

    "Write a program to study the following simple model for population growth, which might be applied to study fish in a pond, bacteria in a test tube, or any of a host of similar situations. We suppose that the population ranges from 0 (extinct) to 1 (maximum population that can be sustained). If the population at time t is x, then we suppose the population at time t + 1 to be r*x*(1 - x), where the argument r, known as the fecundity parameter, controls the rate of growth. Start with a small population-- say, x = 0.01-- and study the result of iterating the model, for various values of r. For which values of r does the population stabilize at x = 1 - 1/r? Can you say anything about the population when r is 3.5? 3.8? 5?"

    I Would be really glad if someone could solve it since I'm pretty new to java and I find it really helpfull to see at already solved progrma and go step by step and try to understand it!

    Thanks ;)

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    Default Re: Population growth!

    That is absolutely not how this works. We can't just do your homework for you. Not only is it academic dishonesty that could earn you an F in the class or even expulsion, but it wouldn't actually teach you anything.

    I suggest you try to start this and then ask a specific technical question when you get stuck.
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    Default Re: Population growth!

    I'd be more blunt: please feel free to show some effort and then ask questions on points of Java that you don't understand, but please find some other place if all you want to do is dump your homework.

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