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    Question How to scale the scrollpane's Vvalue


    It is my first time using javaFX 2 and I am having problems with the scrollPane's Vvalue.
    I am trying to keep track of the top left hand corner of the viewport because I want to render objects as I move around and I need to know the co-ordinates around the viewport.

    The current compensation I am trying to use it:

    Java Code:
    double tempX = ((scroll.hvalueProperty().get()) * CANVASSIZE) - ((scroll.hvalueProperty().get()) * scrollPaneWidth);
    double tempY = ((scroll.vvalueProperty().get()) * CANVASSIZE) - ((scroll.vvalueProperty().get()) * (scrollPaneHeight));

    But this attempt is not 100% correct.
    After this works I also scaling the scrollPane's content, so I also want to scale the x and y co-oordinates with the scale.

    Does anyone have some insight in the problem?


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    Default Re: How to scale the scrollpane's Vvalue

    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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