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    Default Need help with a scroll bar...should be working how it is coded

    Need to be able to place text in textarea and it should become scrollable if the text overflows

    Java Code:
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class WordSearch implements ActionListener
    	public WordSearch()
    		JFrame wordSearch = new JFrame("Word Search");//create frame 
    		wordSearch.setLayout(new BorderLayout());//set layout to borderlayout
    		wordSearch.setSize(500, 300);//set size of frame
    		wordSearch.setLocation(200, 200);//set where frame will populate on screen
    		JLabel label = new JLabel("Empty or Copy & Paste Text");//label for top panel
    		JButton clear = new JButton("Clear");//Add clear button for top panel
    		clear.setMnemonic('C');//set c as the mnemonic for clear
    		JTextArea area = new JTextArea(10,40);//set a typable text area
    		JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(area);//add scroll bar
    		JTextArea search = new JTextArea(1,10);//set a typable search area
    		search.setEditable(true);//allows user to enter text
    		JButton search1 = new JButton("Search");//creates a search button
    		search1.setMnemonic('S');//set s as the mnemonic for search
    		JLabel found2 = new JLabel("# Found");
    		JTextArea found = new JTextArea(1,5);//sets a found search area
    		found.setText("0");//set text field to 0
    		JButton reset = new JButton("Reset");//creates new button to reset the findings
    		JButton exit = new JButton("Exit");//creates new button to exit program
    		JPanel jpNorth = new JPanel();//create a panel for the top
    		JPanel jpCenter = new JPanel();//create a center panel for text box
    		JPanel jpSouth = new JPanel();//create a panel for the bottom
    		jpNorth.add(label);//places label in top panel
    		jpNorth.add(clear);//places button in top panel
    		jpCenter.add(area);//places text box in center panel
    		jpCenter.add(jsp);//add scroll bar to center panel
    		jpSouth.add(search);//places text box in bottom panel
    		jpSouth.add(search1);//places search button
    		jpSouth.add(found2);//label for found
    		jpSouth.add(found);//places found txt box in bottom panel
    		jpSouth.add(reset);//places reset button in bottom panel
    		jpSouth.add(exit);//places exit button in bottom panel
    		wordSearch.add(jpNorth, BorderLayout.NORTH);//places top panel in north position
    		wordSearch.add(jpCenter, BorderLayout.CENTER);//places center panel in center position
    		wordSearch.add(jpSouth, BorderLayout.SOUTH);//places bottom panel in bottom postion
    		JMenuBar mbar = new JMenuBar();//create menu bar
    		JMenu file = new JMenu("File");//creates a file button on menu bar
    		JMenuItem resetAll = new JMenuItem("ResetAll");//create reset all option under file
    		JMenuItem exit1 = new JMenuItem("Exit");//create exit option under file
    		file.add(resetAll);//add reset all to file option on menu bar
    		file.add(exit1);//add exit to file option on menu bar
    		mbar.add(file);//adds file option to menu bar
    		exit.addActionListener(this);//adds action listener to the exit button
    		exit1.addActionListener(this);//adds action listener to the exit menu item
    		wordSearch.setVisible(true);//allows the frame to be visible
    		Searcher searchIT = new Searcher(search1, reset, exit, resetAll, exit1, area, search, found);//sets listner for search1 JButton
    		wordSearch.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);//so program will close when x is clicked		
    	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)//sets an action to be performed for the exit options
    		if (e.getActionCommand().equals("Exit"))
    		else if (e.getActionCommand().equals("x"))
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		WordSearch word = new WordSearch();

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    Default Re: Need help with a scroll bar...should be working how it is coded

    Delete line 47 "jpCenter.add(area);//places text box in center panel"
    You just need to add the scrollpane to the panel.

    Offtopic: Why do you use a JTextArea for the search field? Would be a JTextField not better?

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    Default Re: Need help with a scroll bar...should be working how it is coded

    The JTextField would definitely be better and will change to that for the search box, and I will remove line 47 and see how it works. Thank you eRaaaa

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    Default Re: Need help with a scroll bar...should be working how it is coded

    it worked!

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