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    Exclamation Import WAR file into project & view classes

    Using Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers

    New to java and eclipse here. I have a WAR file which contains a service, I will call this projectA. I need to import the WAR file and create a project from it so i can open the classes, view the code and run the project.

    I have to say that since I'm a java newbie I dont really know how to do this. I can import the war file but then I cannot open the classes, in fact I cannot see the classes.

    What I did was went to File->Import, selected the WAR file and it created a project and imported the contents of the file into my workspace.

    Using Eclipse, when I look in the Project Explorer I see the projectA from the imported WAR file and when I change to "Navigator" view I can see the .class files, however when I try to open any class file that I imported I get an error "Source Not found. There is no source file attached to the class file RemitBalance class".

    how do I resolve the "source not found" error?.

    Does anyone have suggestions for me?

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    Default Re: Import WAR file into project & view classes

    The WAR file basically a binary version of your application. Unless the creator of the war file includes the source files in it you will usually not have the source files in the war file. It will contains binary files such as the classes and the required dependencies and web related files.

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