Ok,so before we start,let me say that i'm a student of a Faculty of Electrical Engineering,started doing C,C++.
Anyway,we're not that much into coding programs with graphical interactive interface and stuff,its just basic lines,loops,bla bla

I'm gonna lay out the look and functionally of an imaginary aplication,and would like for some1 to say to me if it is doable in Java,or maybe some other "code".

Since it might be confusing for somebody to followthrouht with specific description,i'm going to compare it with something familiar.
An aplication would constain a list of european football leagues.
Once u select one of those leagues,u would be displayed a clubs within those leagues.
Every club would have its financial budget,and its player rooster.
Depending on players they sell or buy,their budget would increase or decrease in realtime.
There would be an option to add a certain ammount of money to all clubs.Or to use filter and just some.
If you try to transfer a player into club that hasnt enought money to pay it,the program would give a notification and cancel the transfer.
The process of transfering players from one club to another would be like divided windows,with 2 drop menus,in one u choose receiving club,in other one the sending club.Then u select player,mark the type of transaction and enter the value of transaction.

I know it looks foolish,maybe confusing,but i would really appreciate any help given.
I know its a huge task,i'm not one of those who saw something,then got the hots for it and they want to do something in 2,3 days without any knowlenge.
I'm guessing its gonna take months to learn even the basics of C,let alone Java or something.
But i want to take in some knowlenge from java too,while i'm learning C and C++.So some specific project like this one would help out to keep me motivated during the process.

So,any directions in terms of this one,with some tools that this aplication would have to use to have the features i named would be greatly helpfull.
Cheers :)

i'll post additional questions depending on answers i get :)