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    Default need help with scripting in a Java application

    i have many maps of different values

    //maps already filled with values
    SortedMap <String, AnObject> anObjectMap;
    SortedMap <String, AnotherObject> anotherObjectMap;

    and i want the user to be able to write a script like this:
    Java Code:
    if(anObject.getValue() * 0.01 > anotherObject.getValue()){
    else if(anObject.getValue() * 0.01 < anotherObject.getValue()){
    the object maps (keys are DB compatible dates formatted as yyyy-MM-dd) will iterate through from the front to the back... and the user script would be read with each record and would either run do1(), do2(), or do nothing at all.

    how do i do it?

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    Default Re: need help with scripting in a Java application

    Moved from a staff-only section.

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