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    Default Questions about Polymorphism

    Java Code:
    public class food{
      void eat(){
        System.out.println("this food is great");
    public class tuna extends food{
      void eat(){
        System.out.println("tuna is great");
    public class apple{
      public static void main(String[] args){
        food fo = new food();    
        food ft = new tuna();    

    According to the following code:
    tuna ta = new tuna();
    food ft = new tuna();

    1) what is the difference between the object "ta" and "ft"?
    2) what is the pros?
    3) when using the code "tuna ta = new tuna();" and execute "",
    it also produce the same result of "food ft = new tuna();",
    then why "food ft = new tuna();" is introduced by Polymorphism?

    I am a bit confuse on invoking the Polymorphism.
    Hope anyone can help


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    Default Re: Questions about Polymorphism

    read about benefits of polymorphism. you will get answer........

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