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    Default help with KeyTyped method from RobotCR class

    Hello guys, so I am working on a project using the becker file. I extended the RobotCR class so i could override the KeyTyped method but i am having some troubles.

    I would like to use the KeyTyped method to first(Select what robot the user wants to perfom a task), like if the user press the key A, then the robot labeled A will be selected and then if the user type another key such as m, then make the robot move.

    I am trying different things and I cant get to make it

    One of my attempt was

    protected void keyTyped(char key)

    if (key == 'a') //a is the first robot and the robot which the user wants it to perform a mehtod
    if (key == 'b')
    //do something

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    Default Re: help with KeyTyped method from RobotCR class

    What does 'can't keep to make it' mean? Is there an error? Does the expected event not happen? Is the method called but does nothing?

    Please enclose your code in the forums code tags to make it readable. The code you present does nothing but should be ok so far - but make sure you have overwritten the correct method by using the @Override annotation.
    As I do not know the "becker" file I cannot comment on what I do not see.
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    Default Re: help with KeyTyped method from RobotCR class

    Also, RobotCR isn't a part of the standard Java API so you probably need to ask wherever you got that class.

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