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    Lightbulb How to write this program in JAVA?? "DVD Collection Application"?

    DVD Collection Application REQUIREMENTS

    A video store wishes to automate their processes related to their collection of DVDs.
    The data for each DVD will consist of title, a category, running time, year of release, and price.
    These DVDs are stored in datafile.txt.

    The video store processes are:
    1. add new DVDs to the collection,
    2. remove a DVD,
    3. edit the information stored for a DVD,
    4. list all DVDs by a specified category,
    5. retrieve and display the information saved for a DVD given its title,
    6. display the collection of DVDs sorted by year,
    7. display the collection of DVDs sorted by title.

    The client is estimating that there will not own more than 100 DVDs.

    Amadeus,Drama,160 Mins.,1984,14.83
    As Good As It Gets,Drama,139 Mins.,1998,11.3
    Batman,Action,126 Mins.,1989,10.15
    Billy Elliot,Drama,111 Mins.,2001,10.23
    Blade Runner,Science Fiction,117 Mins.,1982,11.98
    Shadowlands,Drama,133 Mins.,1993,9.89
    Shrek,Animation,93 Mins,2001,15.99
    Snatch,Action,103 Mins,2001,20.67
    The Lord of the Rings,Fantasy,178 Mins,2001,25.87

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    Default Re: How to write this program in JAVA?? "DVD Collection Application"?

    Cross posted:
    How to write this program in JAVA?? "DVD Collection Application"? - Yahoo! Answers
    Google also finds one more that might have been removed by that site's administrators.

    We don't like homework dumps here. Post your coding attempts, if you have any, within the next 6 hours or so, along with a specific question about where you are stuck, and I guarantee you'll get help. Otherwise this thread will be closed or removed.

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