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    Default calling a java application from another

    i have noticed a strange behaviour of my java app when i open it from another java app. When i run the core application with a bat file using jre1.6 everything works fine. Now what i want to do is create an application that checks the existance of jre 1.6, downloads it if it does not exist and run real application with the new jre. The second small app runs with a small jre 1.4.2. In reality it seem to work fine, it downloads the jre1.6 folder and exits normally. However when the real application is launched it behaves strangely without throwing any exceptions. And this behaviour seems to be random. for example, a jpanel may not show any components, or the whole jframe may close suddenly. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Is there a chance that some classes of the first jre remain in memory and conflict when the second application is launched?

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