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    Default Saving to a folder in Java

    Alright so Im not sure were to begin with this. In my program I want it to search for a file on the computer,if not there create it, and then save to it. So far all I could find JFileChooser and thats not what i want. Could anyone please explain how to do this

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    Default Re: Saving to a folder in Java

    So far all I could find JFileChooser and thats not what i want
    So, what is it about JFileChooser that is not appropriate to what you are trying to do? It might help if you explained the task a little more. Do you want the search to take place without any user interface (such a JFileChooser provides)? Could the file be anywhere "on the computer" or is its possible location known to some extent? What is known about the file - ie how would the search recognise the file if it were found?

    Your post identified three tasks: (1) Searching for a file (with the ambiguities noted above) (2) Creating a file and (3) Writing data to a file. Which is proving difficult?

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