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    Default using elements from other classes

    I made two classes. Let's say class1 and class2. The class1 has the main method. I am creating a (second) method in class1 and I can take strings, integers etc from my main class e.g.

    Java Code:
    public Class1{
    public static void main method (String [] args){
    int nameOne=0;
    String nameFirst=null;
    secondMethod(one, first);  //I 'take' both the int and the String.
    public void secondMethod (int nameOne, String nameFirst){
    till here ok, but if I also want to use inside the secondMethod of class1 e.g double name1 that is in class2 what should I do exactly? plz dont give me a theoretic answer, just write what else is needed in the coding of the secondMethod (or generally the Class1). thank you very much.
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    The Java compiler gets upset when it sees the word "class" and gets busy trying to do something with it. So we generally try to avoid using it. When I tried to compile your Class1 the compiler told me this:
    Java Code:
    C:\jexp>javac class, interface, or enum expected
    public Class1 {
    I renamed your class to avoid this.
    Java Code:
    public class FirstClass {
        public static void main (String[] args) {
            int nameOne = 57;
            String nameFirst = "Claude";
            // Send these two values off to our two methods.
            // We are in "static" context (the [i]static[/i] modifier is
            // in the method declaration of this ("main") method so we can
            // call the [i]firstMethod[/i] directly because it also has
            // the [i]static[/i] modifier in its method declaration.
            firstMethod(nameOne, nameFirst);
            // The [i]secondMethod[/i] method is not static, ie, its method
            // declaration does not include the [i]static[/i] modifier. So
            // we cannot call it directly. So we use an instance variable
            // of the enclosing class.
            // Create an instance of FirstClass and save a reference to it
            // in a local variable called (most anything!) "firstClass".
            FirstClass firstClass = new FirstClass();  // instance of firstClass
            // Use this variable, aka reference, to call the non–static
            // method [i]secondMethod[/i].
            firstClass.secondMethod(nameOne, nameFirst);
            // Trying to call [i]secondMethod[/i] directly causes a compile
            // error:
            //secondMethod(nameOne, nameFirst);
        private static void firstMethod(int n, String s) {
            System.out.println("In firstMethod:  n = " + n + "  s = " + s);
        private void secondMethod(int n, String s) {
            System.out.println("In secondMethod: n = " + n + "  s = " + s);

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