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    Default How do I manage this data?

    I'm creating a quiz where I am presented with a random question then when I press something the answer appears.

    So I want to read in a file full of questions and answers.

    questions start with q: and answers start with a:.

    now I could quite easily create two arrays and the element indexes would line up appropriately... then I can use that data in my quiz.

    but what if I don't have a one-to-one relationship?

    what if my file is like this

    Q: questionOne
    A: answer1/1
    Q: questionTwo
    A1: answer1/3
    A2: answer2/3
    A3: answer3/3

    if more than one answer can be associated with a question then my arrays obviously wont work... how do I read in a file like this and keep the information for each question?


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    Default Re: How do I manage this data?

    One solution could be a two-dimensional array, so:

    Java Code:
    String[][] answers = new String[2][5];
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    Default Re: How do I manage this data?

    Java is an object oriented language. Parallel arrays are a symptom of object denial.

    Create a Question class that holds an array or java.util.List of answers.

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