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    Unhappy HELP programming "tic-tac-toe" with <canvas><canvas/>

    Hi everyone, is this a right place to get help with javascript code?:) I'm a student from Lithuania and i need to make an artificial intelligence program. I selected a game "tic-tac-toe". I made it in a very simple way, game against friend, but professor doesn't like it, she says that user should be able to play against pc. Problem is that i am not a programmer, and my javascript programming skills is very low. I'm joined here to get any help from JS masters
    Folder of my files is attached below.
    Just extract a folder and run index.html to view it in browser. Code to play against opponent is in file "code1.js" code to play against pc should be in file "code2.js". Any help is appreciated. :)

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    Default Re: HELP programming "tic-tac-toe" with <canvas><canvas/>

    Quote Originally Posted by futbolinis View Post
    Hi everyone, is this a right place to get help with javascript code?
    No, this is a Java forum.


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