Hello, I am attaching a completely SAFE .jar file. However it`s not signed, but I asure you it`s not mallicious or dangerous. But be warned! The file has a button SAVE that outs a file named "filesave2" that is send to the same directory. Please for security issues, use a separate folder for the jar file when starting it.
Why do I need testing?
1. I can`t uderstand why the code does not run on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and forth.
2. I don`t uderstand why the code does not run on older JREs
3. Sometimes the OS can`t allocate the frame with its components. I have try-catch clauses where needed but still...
4. It`s still a WIP that I indend to transform into Android app anytime soon, so I need advices. Besides it`s not multithreaded yet.

Here is the download link, sorry it` seems that your upload does not work on my Iron browser on Fedora 17c

CPanel3 JAR - Free Download - Uploading.com

Thanks in advance.