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    Default grabbing an item from an arraylist.


    i have many strings in an arraylist. im allowing the user to type in a string into the JTextField, and if the string matches a string in the arraylist, that string will be displayed into a JList.

    my question is after the program finds the string, how can I grab that string out of the arraylist to display in the JList? I know I could just set the JList to show whatever string was typed into the textfield, however I want it to display the string in the arraylist instead.


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    Java Code:
    List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
    // Get String at index 2 in list.
    int index = 2;
    String s = list.get(index);
    // [i]get[/i] returns an Object  see api.
    // So if not using generics you will need to cast the
    // value returned by/from the [i]get[/i] method to the
    // type you put into the list.
    List list = new ArrayList();
    int index = 2;
    String s = (String)list.get(index);

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