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    Default Album Class Adding the pictures

    I need to create an album class for my project.
    Java Code:
    public class Album
      private int nPictsInAlbum;
      private Picture pictArray[];
      private int capacity;
      public Album(int capacityParam )
        capacity = capacityParam;
        pictArray = new Picture[capacity];
        nPictsInAlbum = 0;
      public boolean addPicture( Picture p )
        System.out.println("addPicture( p ) called.  The Picture object param. printed as a String is");
        System.out.println( p );
        return true;
      public boolean addPicture( Picture p, int where )
        System.out.println("addPicture( p , " + where + " ) called.  The Picture object param. printed as a String is");
        System.out.println( p );
        return true;
      public void explore()
        Picture p = new Picture();;
    This is the code I have so far. When running the tester for the album I can choose the location of the pictures, add as many pictures as the capacity lets me, but when I choose "show" It only comes up with a blank frame and no pictures in it as is written in my explore method. I have to add something to that method so that it adds up all the widths of the pictures I add for the width of the frame and then takes the tallest pictures height and sets that as the height of the frame. I am super lost on how to go about this. the copyPictureInto method was a suggestion from my TA to use.

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    Default Re: Album Class Adding the pictures

    Both of your addPicture() methods doesn't do anything except printing some logs information and return a boolean true. Don't you have to store the picture argument in the pictArray? In the explore method maybe you need to iterate the pictArray and show each picture stored there.

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