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    Question Just a little help with some code?

    I have an assignment in my class where I need to make a program that prompts you for input, then finds the consonants and vowels and displays the number of each. the best I could come up with is to find one of either the consonants and vowels, and subtract that from the total number of letters to find the other. I've thought of using each vowel as a char. array to keep it simple, but I'm having trouble incorporating the array into the math, along with accounting for spaces and punctuation.
    here's my code so far:

    import java.util.*;
    public class VowCons {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    String input = "";

    char[] vowelArray = {'a','e','i','o','u'};

    Scanner words = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("Enter a string:");

    int characters = input.length();
    int vowels=0;
    int consonants=characters - vowels;

    System.out.println("There are " +vowels+ " vowels");
    System.out.println("There are " +consonants+ " consonants");


    The main thing I'm having trouble with is the value of the vowels variable (mouthful, right?) to have something to properly subtract from. Thanks in advance.
    Edit- I forgot to put it in, but I've been using if statements, but to no avail.
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    Default Re: Just a little help with some code?

    You need to loop through the char's of the String with a for loop, checking each char to see if it's a vowel or not. Please give that a go and let us know what you come up with.

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    Default Re: Just a little help with some code?

    Please go through the Forum Rules, particularly the third paragraph.

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