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Thread: Help with changing a Book Enum to a Book Class

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    Question Help with changing a Book Enum to a Book Class


    I need some help changing an enum into a class.

    Here is the enum code:

    public enum Book
    // declare constants of enum type
    JHTP( "Java How to Program", "2012" ),
    CHTP( "C How to Program", "2007" ),
    IW3HTP( "Internet & World Wide Web How to Program", "2008" ),
    CPPHTP( "C++ How to Program", "2012" ),
    VBHTP( "Visual Basic 2010 How to Program", "2011" ),
    CSHARPHTP( "Visual C# 2010 How to Program", "2011" );

    // instance fields
    private final String title; // book title
    private final String copyrightYear; // copyright year

    // enum constructor
    Book( String bookTitle, String year )
    title = bookTitle;
    copyrightYear = year;
    } // end enum Book constructor

    // accessor for field title
    public String getTitle()
    return title;
    } // end method getTitle

    // accessor for field copyrightYear
    public String getCopyrightYear()
    return copyrightYear;
    } // end method getCopyrightYear
    } // end enum Book

    What is the class version of it, and why?

    Thanks a ton!

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    Default Re: Help with changing a Book Enum to a Book Class

    What have you tried? Where exactly are you stuck? What exactly has you confused? We can't just do your homework for you.
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