Long time lurker but just registered and could do with a hand. Relatively new to java.

I have an area in my GUI where I want to paste a few items I have copied from another table.

However the area in my GUI is currently blank, so I need to load it with a blank row so I can actually paste into it.

Another area in my project the exact same thing I can do, but the area always has a table of data so I can paste into it with ease.

I'm not sure if I'm making much sense here.
So in summary, I need to load a default blank empty row into a table that doesnt yet exist, so I can copy and paste things from another table.....as I cant paste into it without the default row...

protected void handlePasteAction(int firstCellRow, int firstCellColumn, String data) {
for (GridPasteListener l : pasteListeners) {
l.paste(new GridPasteEvent(firstCellRow, firstCellColumn, data));


thanks for any help!